Work Offer

Work Offer Regulation

The Project Provision by postgraduate students includes 100 working hours for each semester and is held in the context of the graduate program’s effort to meet its operative needs and keep its courses upgraded and updated.Students who participate in the provision can be exempt from the tuition.

The procedure is as follows:

1) At the beginning of each semester tutors decide if they need to employ a graduate student in the form of the project provision. After tutors have made up their mind they submit the requested projects via email. The submissions must include: a)Project Title b)Students duties  c)Knowledge Requirements d)Reasons for the projects necessity.

2)The relevant committee of the Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program in order no to exceed the financial limits and goals of the program  assesses and prioritizes the submitted Projects. The project that will qualify will be publihed on the Program website via which students can express their interest and submit their applications.

3)The selection of candidates for Project Provision is made exclusively by the concerned tutor taking into account the candidates’ qualifications and availability.

Project Provision that is not approved or published on the website of the IPP is not considered valid and will not be accepted.

See the Regulation here.

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