The postgraduate courses are taught by highly specialized teachers to the relevant items.

The list of instructors include professors from the Departments of Informatics and Telecommunications and Economic Science and professors of other Greek and foreign Academic Institutions.

The educational project will be completed with frequent lectures by Greek and International telecommunications market personalities.

Secretarial Support: Constantina Kanavou, Office A30 (first floor), tel. 210-7275337


Psarras AlkiviadisLawyerapsarras [at] tclaw.gr

Educational Staff
Athanasiou Manolis Assistant Professor mathan [at] econ.uoa.gr
Varoutas Dimitris Assistant Professor http://cgi.di.uoa.gr/~arkas
Vernardakis Nikolaos Emeritus Professor nvernard [at] otenet.gr
Vasaki Stavroula Electrical and Computer Engineer v.vassaki [at] gmail.com
Desipris Nikolaos Electrical Engineer ndessipris [at] yahoo.com
Dimas Athanasios Economist adimas[at]di.uoa.gr
Iriotis Nikolaos Professor neriot[at]aueb.gr
Nicholas Kalouptsidis Professor http://cgi.di.uoa.gr/~kalou
Kanellos Nikolaos Research Fellow kanetza[at]di.uoa.gr
Kargas Antonis Economist akargas [at] yahoo.com
Katsianis Dimitris Instructional Lab. Personnel dkats [at] di.uoa.gr
Kolokotronis Nikolaos Assistant Professor http://www.uop.gr/~nkolok
Kyriakides Mixalis Researcher mkiriakidis [at] di.uoa.gr
Lionis Nikolaos Economist nlionis [at] di.uoa.gr
Mathiopoulos Takis Professor mathio [at] di.uoa.gr
Markantoni Athina Business Consultant amarkantoni [at] di.uoa.gr
Merakos Lazaros Professor merakos[at]di.uoa.gr
Mpalios Dimitrios Assistant Professor dbalios[at]econ.uoa.gr
Pagourtzis Aris Associate Professor pagour [at] cs.ntua.gr
Papadimitriou Athanasios Economist atpapd [at] econ.uoa.gr
Papadopoulou Panagiota IT researcher peggy [at] di.uoa.gr
Pardalis Dimitris Economist dpardalis [at] gmail.com
Paskalis Sarantis Instructional Lab. Personnel  paskalis [at] di.uoa.gr
Poulakis Marios Electrical and Computer Engineer  mpoulak [at] gmail.com
Stamoulis Dimitris PhD Information Systems dstamoulis [at] yahoo.com
Stellakis Charilaos Electrical Engineer stellakis [at] ktpae.gr
Sphicopoulos Thomas Professor thomas[at]di.uoa.gr
Tsetsos Vasilis Analyst-Programmer btsetsos[at]di.uoa.gr
Tsipouras Aris Physics Radio/En  aris [at] di.uoa.gr
Fragoudaki Alexandra Lecturer alexfrag[at]econ.uoa.gr
Hadjiefthymiades Stathes Associate Professor http://cgi.di.uoa.gr/~shadj
Chatzopoulou Argyro Chief Inspector argyro.chatzopoulou[at]tuvaustriahellas.gr
Psarras Alkiviades Lawyer apsarras [at] tclaw.gr
Management and Economics of Telecommunication Networks