1. The scholarships are given every six months in the form of exemption from student contributions (or equivalent providing project) for the next semester.
2. Conditions for the granting of the scholarship is the systematically attendance and the successful completion of all six courses.
3. Criterion is the Average (With the second decimal place) in the following courses.

  • The six (6) compulsory courses of the first semester.
  • The four (4) compulsory and one of the second half options.
  • The four (4) compulsory and one of the third semester options.

4. The number of scholarships is 4 per semester.

5. To the four (4) students  graduating and having the best performance a Performance Excellence Award is given in terms of overall performance.
6. In case of a tie a draw will take place.

See Regulation here.

Download the application for a scholarship from the page with the applications.

Management and Economics of Telecommunication Networks